Why wood?

Climbers value wood as a material in holds and training equipment for several reasons.


Wood is easier on the skin than harshly textured resin holds, and if you’re training all day this makes a big difference. Wood is also less prone to becoming “greasy” since it absorbs sweat and dries quickly.


Most climbing holds are made from Polyester Resin, a chemical formula which is difficult to recycle once the holds are worn. Wood holds can be re-sanded if necessary to provide a renewed surface.


In the past wooden holds have gained a reputation for splitting and breaking under load, particularly when over tightened or positioned on an uneven surface. Our birch and bamboo ply holds provide far superior strength while maintaining the great characteristics of wood holds. This makes them suitable for commercial environments.

Everything climbing since 2008

For 10 years we installed climbing walls across the UK, for schools and organisations. As we improved our techniques and utilised more technology we began moving into manufacture of components and products. Our work with Moon Climbing led to the development of a range of training rungs and ultimately, wooden holds which form part of the Moonboard system.

We have refined and expanded our hold production system and now produce hold sets for thousands of Moon Boards around the world.

Why machined?

Currently most hardwood-based climbing holds are made essentially by hand; with a combination of conventional machine woodworking and hand power-tool finishing. Whilst the results can be beautiful holds, they are not consistent. This limits their use for true system boards or applications where we want to precisely replicate a climbing route. Scalability is also limited – the labour intensive process means they cannot be manufactured in the large quantities required by bigger brands.

CNC machining means that each set of holds is perfectly consistent, and the production can be ramped up to meet higher demands. We have perfected this process over many years and have expanded our capacity to produce holds and training equipment for this ever growing market.

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